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How do you choose eligible processes?

7 - Meteor

Hello everyone, I found that when introducing Alteryx (or other automation tools) in a company, there are a great number of possible back-end processes that are eligible for automation, however, do you use a specific method to individualize those tasks that would bring greatest benefits? Do you maybe have a template you can share with me? Or maybe just tell me what facrors do you consider when doing a cost benefit analysis?

11 - Bolide

Hi @MassimoDM --


There are a few parameters you could employ based on your company's needs.


  1. How much time does a person spend on a particular process?
    1. Does a person performing the process takes 2 hours to complete or 3 weeks?
  2. How often is the process done?
    1. Is it done daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly?
  3. What the criticality of the process?
    1. Is it part of a workstream that is something that gets passed off to a governing body? Like the SEC and the data needs to be completed as quickly and as accurately as possible.


As an example, if I have 4 processes that help prepare and file a tax return, ain't currently takes a resource 10 hours to prepare, then maybe it's not ideal, but as new information comes in, that person has to spend 10 hours, 15 times, then maybe it's worth automating.


I hope the above gives you some food for thought.







At ABBYY we are working with Alteryx to help users understand the powerful capabilities of our process mining platform Timeline (as well as our Intelligent OCR platform to help understand data in documents).  Timeline can analyze your data event logs from your various systems and provide rapid process assessment to help you understand which processes are the best candidates for automation.  Please feel free to reach out directly to me to understand more or take a look at


Kind regards