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Trailing Whitespace Text File.

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Hi All, can someone help me to delimit the data below. 

For the amounts it should have 3 columns

debit, credit, balance


I tried to used the replace the whitespaces using regex and replace it with pipe(|). However, the extra spaces are delimited. The extra spaces should be retain and have 0 as value.

8 - Asteroid

There might be a better way to do this in RegEx but I think your data has predefined whitespace for each cell (debit is X characters wide with all whitespace if null and some data plus white space if not). I did my best with your data, but it might need to be reworked with more data. 


I just cut your data apart based on what I could see using Left and Right trim and some cleaning. I hope it gives you a start! 


(This is my first time answering a community post but if this does the trick, please mark it as solved).