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Social impact and business growth belong together


Hello Alteryx Community!


By way of introduction, my name is Lori Misenhimer, and I am the Sr. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager at Alteryx, leading our volunteerism efforts, our free-licensing program for nonprofits, team operations, and strategic grants program!


Earlier this week, Alteryx had the opportunity to host Erin Reilly, Chief Social Impact Officer at Twilio where we discussed how to tie societal and environmental issues to the company’s core purpose and inherent strengths. 


For a recap of the session, please refer to the resources below:


This webinar is part of a brand-new series at Alteryx called “Breakthrough Moments for a Better World.” During each Breakthrough Moments session, we will talk to an industry executive to educate ourselves on global issues, including diversity, equity, inclusion, corporate social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.


I'd love to hear from you: How does your company integrate social impact into the core purpose of the business?