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Santalytics 2019 | Clue #1

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



In search of remnants following the devastating antimatter-matter explosion, sucking Santa deep into a black hole, Santa’s Reindeer went on a quest to uncover clues lost in the Alteryx Community.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out SANTALYTICS 2019 | Oh no! Santa’s lost in time!  We look forward to your participation!

Dasher was assigned to begin his search in the Community Hub. On his journey, he learned that the Community Hub district is where members go to find everything they need to make the most of their experience on the Community.

After an hour or so of getting to know some of the members, he came across the Community Resources area where he sensed a strong field of neutrino emissions.

Dasher knew that neutrino oscillation patterns presented themselves as whole numbers and was intrigued by the labels used to categorize content.

Alas! He found a pattern.

Clue #1


How many articles are labeled 'Community' in the Community Resources Knowledge Base?

Hold onto your answer. You'll need it to complete the final challenge on December 16.

Are you stumped? Feel free to reply to this thread with questions.

Additional information along with contest terms can be found here.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Clue #2!

Leah Knowles
Manager, Global Community Engagement