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How to start with Alteryx

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How do I get started with Alteryx and study for Alteryx Core Designer Certification? Is there any specific Learning path which I should follow to fulfill the requirements of ADAPT program and learn the tool to its full potential? 







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To get started I would recommend the Interactive Lessons in the Academy section in the community.

Also in the Academy you will find a Certification setion and there you will find an exam prep guide for the Core certification. I recommend following the advice in the guide when preparing for the exam.


As others have said, practice, practice, practice. The weekly challenges provide over 200 challenges to choose from to practice your Alteryx skills.


Good luck.

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This is the landing page for ADAPT:


Click on the start course button and follow along with the program. 


The program would take you through the Core learning path, where you will learn Alteryx fundamentals, do some practice exercises, and test your knowledge with quizzes. The program has challenges for you to practice even further. There are also video training and tool mastery articles to make sure you leave no stone unturned. 


My advice to you is, practice, practice, practice! When you feel tired, take a break, then go back and practice.


I was able to pass the core certification on my first try because I did a ton of practice. I gave myself two weeks to do the course linked above, complete a bunch of challenges, and take the exam. Setting a time limit is good as it would help create a sense of urgency...and the drive to PRACTICE. 



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What sort of questions will be there in the certification? Is it multiple choice questions or practical hands on will also be there for the same.



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Hello @AVI18794 


This is the landing page for the Alteryx Certification: -


Here you can find the description of the Core exam, and also the prep guide. The guide has information on the contents of the exam as some sample questions towards the end of the guide. 


I've attached the guide to this reply as well. 


The exam is mostly multiple-choice & multiple answers. There are some practical questions too. 


Note that the exam is open book, so you can try to find answers in designer and online. I'll recommend you have the help section open as you take the exam: -


But the time limit is pretty strict, so don't rely on searching for the answers while taking the exam.