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Designer Cloud Certifications

13 - Pulsar

Hi All,

Does anyone have a sense on the planned rollout for Designer Cloud certifications?

For users who hold existing Trifacta certifications, will there be a way to sync those certifications to this community in order to avoid having to retake a similar exam twice?

Based on the placeholder structure it looks like the overall approach to how the certifications will be broken out is similar to how they were being delivered through Trifacta, so I was thinking/hoping there would be some type of conversion option. Presumably the ability to sync certifications between platforms would also keep Alteryx community badges in line as well.


Designer Core CertificationTrifacta Certification
Alteryx Designer Cloud CoreTrifacta Data Wrangler
Alteryx Designer Cloud AdvancedTrifacta Data Deputy
Alteryx Designer Cloud Administrator Trifacta Administrator


Looking forward to hearing back on what you guys know! Happy holidays!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @gautiergodard 


You can find the Designer Cloud certifications and more information here -


From my understanding, I don't think the Trifacta Certifications will be able to sync with the Alteryx community because the Designer cloud will have 2 options (Tricata / Alteryx Analytics Cloud offerings).


There is currently an early access option for the Alteryx Designer Cloud offering. You can sign up via this link -


Hopefully, this answers your questions!




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @gautiergodard 


I have an update! Please see below.


Trifacta Academy and all completed course history will transition into Alteryx Learning Marketplace. Also, all Trifacta training content and badges from previous certifications will be moved to the Alteryx community by the end of January. 



13 - Pulsar

Hey @PanPP thank you for the update, you beat me to it!! For the community's reference, below is the email sent directly from Trifacta regarding upcoming changes. Not sure if this was published elsewhere as well. Lot of exciting stuff ahead!

Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta is now a part of the Alteryx family.
To help ensure easy access to all of your Alteryx training needs, Trifacta Community, Academy, and certifications will be moving to Alteryx platforms.
The first to move is the Trifacta Academy.
Here’s what you need to know about this move.
On Friday, January 13, 2023
• Trifacta Academy will shut down at 5PM EST, and all completed course history will transition into Alteryx Learning Marketplace.
• Your Trifacta Academy account will become inactive.
• Any incomplete progress will not be transitioned.
• Please finish all coursework by January 13, 2023 at 5PM EST to ensure credit transfers.

After Friday, January 13, 2023

• If you have an existing My Alteryx account (for the Alteryx Academy, Community, and other Alteryx programs), log in to view completed courses and explore new courses.
• If you do not have an existing account, you will receive an email from us on January 18, 2023 with your new account information. Upon your first login attempt, you will receive an email to reset your password.
• All Trifacta training content and badges from previous certifications will be moved to Alteryx within the following week.
Please note, after January 13th, you will still be able to access Trifacta Community with your existing login info. We are only sunsetting the Academy at this time.
We’re confident the Alteryx learning experience will help you solve problems and continue to improve your skills.
We will reach out again closer to the date with more information.
If you have any immediate questions, contact us at
The Alteryx Training Team