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Deploy a Gamification Program to Learn Alteryx at your Organisation

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Hi Folks, 

The team at JLL are delighted to share with you our program that we use internally, to help elevate our people's skills on Alteryx - the Alteryx Adventure.


We have shared all content, including setup, workflows, leaderboards and videos on how-to.  This is available for you to implement free of charge 🙂  

Shout-out to @JonMcMillin for his brilliant work on this program, uplifting from a previous version, and helping people to achieve their ambitions on Alteryx.

You can check out our blog and content here 


All we ask is that you don't SELL this to anyone - it's free, and for our community.


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Hey @caltang ,

Thanks for the feedback! We know there are some further automations possible, but we choose not to :) The reason we want people to submit, they have an opportunity to add their reflections on the challenge which increases the stickiness of the new techniques they have learnt - i.e. it improves learning efficacy. In addition, our ambassadors can then reinforce the demonstrated behaviours by replying with messages of encouragement.  

If companies don't have time to do this step, automation like you've suggested can help. But important to understand the trade off.

All the best,

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Thanks @stevediaz :) 

17 - Castor

Fully agree with you! We see the benefits also with people self reporting. But in my case, our scale is just too large for self-reporting, afraid the system just crashes to a wall haha.


But thank you! :)