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Core Certification

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Hello Everyone. I will be taking my Alteryx Core certification. Any tips will be helpful.




A couple of tips for the core certification:



ENJOY IT and become a certified Alteryx User!


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@NickC Thanks a lot

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13 - Pulsar

This were useful tips.  I would also recommend reviewing the interactive lessons.  I just passed my core certification.

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Hey @T_Willins,


Thanks, I also passed mine.

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@Divyansh Congrats on clearing the Core Certification, I'll be taking mine next month. From you experience any tips or advice ?

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Hi @Sidkota,


I would suggest completing all the videos Lectures, Spatial is not needed for the Core Certification. Also if you could , practice the weekly challenges (at least the beginner level challenges), they will be very helpful. You can find them in the Academy Section.

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Thanks for the tips. 
I don't have Alteryx installed on my pc yet due to license issues.

Is it okay to take the certification test having only watched the academy videos (and not actually practising it) ?


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Hi @Flippe,


It's tough to say because there are a lot of question which require practical approach.