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Core Certification

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Be prepared to create a macro!  You'll likely need to construct one or many in order to solve the challenging questions at the end of the exam.

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Thanks a lot for the heads up @MarqueeCrew .


I do need to work on Macros, since I have been a little out of touch.

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Hi Divyansh!


I saw your e-mail reply on Gmail. This is so funny! I am still laughing about this coincidence!


I'm in the Martin Luther King office, 4th floor - one of the Tax teams. I was at the 4040 office last Monday, 2/4, and, Tuesday, 2/5, for some training in the Digital Academy.


We definitely need to get together for lunch or dinner, whenever convenient to you!


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I am thinking about getting the core certification.  How many hours of study and practice time do you think would be required for me to pass this exam.  I have no previous experience with alteryx.

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Hi @asilverstone22,


Welcome to the community!


Like you, I was also new to Alteryx last spring/summer, and I had no prior experience with Alteryx.


It took me about 200 to 250 hours of studying to pass the Core Exam, which I did after a few attempts. I am not saying it will take you that much time, but I would allow at least 175 hours, as the Core Exam does test a lot of details.


If you wish to pursue the Core certification, definitely do not get discouraged if you do not pass the Core Exam on the first attempt. I needed more than one, myself.


Hope this helps! 🙂


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Thanks for the response!  This is much more than I was expecting, so I may postpone this to the summer when I have more free time. 

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13 - Pulsar

HI @asilverstone22.  Welcome to the Alteryx community!  I agree with the assessment that it takes about 200 hours to really prepare for the Core Certification Exam, however most of this should be using Alteryx and not just studying.  The best place to start is the Interactive Lessons, then work through some of the Weekly Challenges, starting with the beginner challenges.  The exam gets very in depth on the tools in the first five types (In/Out, Preparation, Join, Parse, and Transform), so really get to know those tools well.  Good luck and have fun learning Alteryx!

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Passed  Core exam with 98.2%

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The pass percentage is 80% and there will be 80 questions. There will be hardly 5 questions where you need the tool to get the result. You may pass if you are strong with your basics on Alteryx.




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Is there an answer script for the sample exam to check my answers against please? This is mostly for the questions that ask to check "all that apply" (just to make sure I have not missed any).


Many thanks