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Core Certification

8 - Asteroid

@Flippe, you can try without it, but I would recommend installing the trial version.

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @Flippe,


You will need at least the trial version to take the exam as some of the questions require actually using Alteryx to answer the question.  Given the limited time of the trial license (14 days), it would be difficult to gain the Alteryx expertise in that time to pass the exam.  While the core exam does not cover many tools, it does cover those tools in depth.

7 - Meteor


I hope I'll get the student license soon and then, after practising, I'll try the certification.

I have experience with some other ETL tools so many things are similar and it makes it a bit easier for me.

8 - Asteroid

Just passed.  Really useful exercise, learned a lot along the way!

5 - Atom

I have received the badge whereas I have not received the certificate yet. How can I get the certificate.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @saswatkumar, congrats on passing the Core exam! The email with your certificate was sent out last Tuesday after you passed the exam but it may have gotten routed to a spam or junk folder. I just resent the email so you should be receiving it soon - please let me know if it doesn't come through! 

8 - Asteroid

Congratulations @sann0638

8 - Asteroid

Congratulations @saswatkumar

5 - Atom

No, I have not received the certificate yet. If possible can you please
send it to my yahoo id:


6 - Meteoroid

Thank you NickC!


Just took the exam and passed. after several attempts. I am so excited about my certification. 

The exam is hard and it tests your understanding of the most commonly used tools. 


My advice, for those of you who would like to take the exam:

1. If you fail the exam; DON'T BE DISCOURAGED. Instead, immediately try to recollect the questions/tools that were hard for you and go on a hunt and look for answers

3. USE the powerful source Alteryx Tool Categories to learn more about the tools. 

2. take the exam with your Alteryx designer open. There are questions where using Alteryx can be beneficial; it makes sense because you're trying to be proficient at it. so USE IT!

3. Have fun with it! I did