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Core Certification Exam Preparation

5 - Atom

Hi All 


I'm preparing for the exam and would like to know from where I can get the sample exam questions for practice.


Have seen one sample in the community which have got around 10 questions but I want to have like simulator/pdf format where I can see the different type of questions.


Please let me know.





Hello @Tnvr 

Please check out the Designer Core certification study guide for a few example questions.

Hope this helps!


Community Moderator
12 - Quasar

Hey @Tnvr !!


You are definitely on the right track by reaching out to the community. 
I actually passed the exam within 2 months of being introduced to Alteryx, and I’ve heard stories of people passing within weeks. You got this. 

make sure to look at the study prep guide that @TrevorS suggested. I took notes while watching the videos, and most importantly - build use cases! If you build use cases you will ask questions of how to do what, and when to do what. You will gain a completely full understanding of the tools tested on the exam - I think that the beginner skill level will only reference those tools to begin with. 

Keep us up to date with how it goes and don’t be shy to ask or post anymore questions or suggestions for advice on specific tools, etc. 


Bon chance!