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Change Community Profile email

6 - Meteoroid

Is it possible to update my Community Profile email address? I no longer have access to the email address I used to sign up for the Alteryx Community. 


I've checked the profile page in the community forums and also in the Gallery profile section. I see my email listed in the Gallery profile section, but it's not editable. 



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Hi @bgraves


Have a look at this thread:



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7 - Meteor

I am also looking for a solution to this (for the past several years). I get an Access Denied message when I follow the link...

5 - Atom

Have you actually resolved this issue? Been having the same problem for a while now


Hello All!


This is something the Community team can assist you with. Currently, you are unable to change your email on your own. But if you email with the request including the following:

  • Current email
  • New email

We can then make the change for you!



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Thank you!

8 - Asteroid


I followed the suggestion in this thread of emailing my change of email request 3-4 weeks ago.

However, I am not sure if it went through since there is no place in the profile that tells me what email is associated with my account.

I also haven't had any active subscriptions in that time, so I haven't received and community messages, yet, either.


And, when I log into the community, I still use my old email address.


How can I confirm that my email address has changed? (I send the original request from my old email address that I no longer have access to.)

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why not just let people change it on their own like virtually every other site? 


Hello @bb213,
We are currently working on a full solution which will allow users the ability to manage their account emails. At this time, we do not have an expected release, but I will update to this thread once it has been released.
Until then, you will still need to send your request to

Community Moderator