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Alteryx - Excel

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Hello Alteryx Community!


I'm currently learning Alteryx as a part of my Data Analytics for Accounting class. There's so much to learn in Alteryx with all the useful tools. The best thing about Alteryx that I found helpful so far is using it with Excel. It's easy to clean up files with big data in an excel file. It's quick and easy to use. There's an Academy where you can learn to use this program in a few hours. There's also the Alteryx community which provides helpful discussions for any level of usage. This is great for new users like me. Overall, there's more things to learn in this program. Once I attain sufficient knowledge, this program will be useful in my future career! 


- Adrian G. 


Hi @agilhang23 
I am very glad to hear that! I also started to use Alteryx during my studies. 

Do you know that you can get a free student license of Alteryx?


Best regards