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Alteryx Designer Advanced : How to prepare for the alteryx designer advanced test?

7 - Meteor

Hi Guys. Could you please let me know how to prepare for the advanced test.

Which resources can i use to prepare for the advanced test.

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



Practice.  Practice. Practice.  There are 40 quiz questions and 4 practical challenges.  The practical challenges require that you create and run a workflow.  The answer will appear in your workflow results.  These questions amount to 40 points.  If you can't build a workflow to complete the challenge/question, get your Ouija out and hope that it answers the question properly.


Here are some preparation suggestions:

  • Interactive Training (All), but the spatial will be the most useful
  • KB regarding Spatial (there are lots of spatial problems
  • Be ready to build macros (standard, batch & iterative)
  • Take the prep course at Inspire
  • Subjects:
    • Preparation
    • Parse
    • Input/Output
    • Transformation
    • Join
    • Interface
    • Spatial
    • Reporting
    • User Configuration
    • Gallery Administration
    • Batch/Iterative Macros




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That was the most elaborative answer I say. Thanks a lot @MarqueeCrew, specially for the list of topics that I should be concentrating on.