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Alteryx Challenge submission

8 - Asteroid

Hi everyone, I am new to Alteryx and have started working through the weekly challenges. I have completed 6 challenges and attatched my answer to a reply under each challenge. Is this all I have to do? Why have I got my 1 challenge badge. 


Thank you for your help.

15 - Aurora

Hi @MitchellBliesner , 


Welcome to the community!


Is this all I have to do?

You can also check other community members' solutions after you complete on your own.

It is a lot of fun to see how many variations of solution there could be for one requirement !


Why have I got my 1 challenge badge. 

You will get more badges as you proceed.

I suppose it takes some time for the organizer of weekly challenge to acknowledge your response.

As you have already completed 6 challenges, you will soon receive the next badge for completing 5 challenges.


Have fun !