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Alteryx Certification

5 - Atom

Hi everyone,


I am excited to get certified. So far, I have taken the core material and attempted the test. I found many of the multiple choice questions fairly straightforward. The data set problems, however, seem to be very difficult given the time constraints and the difficulty of some the problems.


Do you suggest I prioritize the beginner weekly challenges or the intermediate ones? I feel like most of the data set problems on the test were intermediate, not beginner.


I wish everyone the best during these trying times! Thank you in advance for your help!



Chris Stepanian

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Chris, 


I totally agree with you. That's how I felt when I first failed the exam. For the MC questions,  I can easily found the relative information on the Altery Documentation website

However, for the Data set problems, they really required us to be familiar with the functions and tools of Alteryx Designer.  

In order to get familiar with the tools and self-training, I highly recommend you check out the example of each tool and run it on Alteryx. Since each tool has an example that contains data. All you need to do is to click on the tool you want to learn and click open example. 



9 - Comet

One page which was on my bookmark list was - Tool Mastery Index ( ) . 


Also from the point of view of Dataset preparation, I concentrated on the formula tool and the Transpose sections because most of the workflow questions are around that and it requires you to put in the hours to be able to get the solution in a short time.


I also followed a time management approach for the test. For 80 questions, I made sure I went through all of them all by the end of the first hour. that way I would mark the question #s which have dataset questions and come back to them at the end of the first hour. I would give not more than 5-7 minutes for each data question , that way I could complete all the 4 by the half hour and have good time to recheck all my answers. 


Another top secret - always always " when googling for a link , always ask direct questions" the algo works better and the answer/ link that you are looking for would be in the top 5/7 results. ( always helps when you are in a tight spot) 


Alright, stay safe and go well. 


All the best for anyone writing the exam.