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AFG for universities in Cloud

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Like many faculty members, I am facing some hard choices for the Fall. I teach a senior level class on Data Warehousing primarily for information systems students, and we use a lot of the ETL features of Alteryx. My class is currently scheduled to be taught with some parts on line (flipped), and some parts in class with a small section and social distancing. In the past I have had students bring their own laptops to class with Alteryx installed, and if there are 1-2 who cannot get it work (sometimes they have older Macs, for example), they sit next to someone who does and then use it that way.
With everything moving online, I think it will become more important that every student be able to run Alteryx on their own. We have already been told that students will not come back after Thanksgiving, which is typically when they do an intensive Alteryx project in teams.
So, I am wondering whether you have any plans to make a cloud version of Alteryx available for students who have Chromebooks or for any other reason cannot download the program onto their own machines, or whether you would allow us to place Alteryx on a server in such a manner that only those students would have access to it.
I have looked on the discussion board and see that others have asked about deploying Alteryx on an environment such as AWS or Azure. I assume that even if the AFG program allowed us to take advantage of the free license for Alteryx, we would still need to pay any charges for AWS, Azure, etc.?
Thank you for your willingness and dedication 

Hi @McHenryW! So great to see you on the Community, and thanks for sharing your students' difficulty installing Designer on Macs. The best place to direct your feedback and suggestions is to our Product Management team. In fact, there is already a discussion going about this topic - please feel free to contribute there so that your voice is heard.

Additionally, there are some workarounds for students using their Macs as their primary device until their is a cloud-based solution. Please pass along this article to provide some guidance.
How is everything else going?
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