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Install Alteryx for Mac

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

As Alteryx runs on Windows, there are two ways to install Alteryx on a Mac:

1) Use Boot Camp.
2) Use a virtual machine product (emulates Windows within macOS) like VMWare, VirtualBox (open source), or Parallels, among others.


Note that any of the above solutions require a Windows license. This article goes through the pros and cons of the different approaches, as well as detailed installation instructions. Your IT department may have a preferred approach.


Once you have Boot Camp or a Windows VM up and running, you're ready to install Alteryx. Just remember: whether you choose a VM or Boot Camp, make sure you're in the Windows environment when you download and install Alteryx.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @ChadM, I just noticed that your link to VMware is broken -- can you update when you have a second?  Thanks in advance!

5 - Atom

I have a Macbook Pro that is on iOS 10.11.6 and all virtual machines listed say the computer is not compatible with suggested downloads. Do you know how I am able to download a compatible virtual machine?

10 - Fireball


6 - Meteoroid

My students are trying to load Alteryx now.  About 40% of the students have a Mac...although they are used to working in a WIndows environment as we just finished working with Power BI in Windows.  Some of them are experiencing issues and they think it relates to using Bootcamp and how the partition was created on their Mac.  Some students said that when the partition was created on their Mac, only 40GB was dedicated to bootcamp and Alteryx is indicating that they don't have enough space.

1 - Any clue how they would find out if/how they can increase the Bootcamp partition size?

2 - For next year, I'll have to let students using Bootcamp know what size partition they need.  What should I tell them?

7 - Meteor

System Specs:

Mac Mini

Chip - M1

Mac OS - Ventura (13.0.1)


Installed Parallels from AppStore. Activated the trial version. (annual subscription is 9700 INR) Took me through the installation process for Windows 11. THen downloaded and installed alteryx .exe file from the alteryx site. Activated the trial version. Working very much as expected !! The advantage with Parallels is that it comes with a fully functional version of Windows and hence you don't have to go hunting around for a copy of the Win OS. Hope this helps !