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Welcome to the new Food Bank Discussion Group!

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10 - Fireball

Hello everyone! I am writing this message to formally introduce the Food Bank Discussion Group to the Alteryx for Good community. There is a training that my company, Precision Analytics Group, and Alteryx is conducting to share some use cases that we have encountered in our work with food banks and other nonprofit organizations. Since we have been seeing more and more interest from food banks in Alteryx, we wanted to create a group to help current customers and prospective customers to share your use cases and experiences, ask questions to your peers, and conduct regularly scheduled meetings on topics that you request. 


When I first dove into Alteryx three years ago, the Alteryx community really helped me to become more comfortable with the product and gain momentum in educating myself with this wonderful toolset. I wanted to create that same safe zone for this area of nonprofit organizations. I will be adding content regularly and encouraging conversation amongst all of you to contribute to this group. 


For example, after this training today I would love to know what your biggest takeaways are from the training. What are your next steps in your organization? What surprised you most from this training? Please feel free to post at your leisure. I have included a link to the use case I talked about in the training. 




Please remember that we want you to succeed and have fun while doing it. If you need any questions answered, please feel free to post here or send me a private message. I really look forward to working with all of you to make this discussion group awesome! 


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10 - Fireball

Hi Conrad,


Absolutely, this is relevant! Any way that we can identify a waste of food is something to focus on. Any kind of gathering from festivals, concerts, or parties alike have unused food. This could be considered as donated food and that can be tracked. This can be added to any workflow and/or predictive model concerning food banks. 


From personal experience at volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank, we would receive the imperfect produce from local grocery stores and repack that food for families in need. This is just the produce though. This is a portion of what might be discarded. Any way we can decrease the amount of food is a good thing. 


I'd love to hear how others are approaching this issue too.

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10 - Fireball

Hi everyone!


I just wanted to reach out to everyone on this thread to let you know that we are planning another training for the Food Bank community! We do not have a firm date yet, but we targeting the last week of September. Please stay tuned for details on that.


Additionally, we now have a Food Bank tag for our posts so please use that and search on that to find the content specific to this discussion group. I hope you all are doing well and let's keep the momentum going!


Happy Alteryx-ing!

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Hey Food Bank Discussion Group!


The Alter Everything Podcast has just released a new episode featuring @chriswilliams41! Chris shared SO much information about data at food banks, ways spatial can take your analysis to the next level, and overall it'll leave you inspired about the amazing work that food banks do for communities.


If you're looking to inspire your teams to get involved with food banks, or if you already work with a food bank and want to empower your colleagues to think like a data custodian, be sure to send this episode their way.


You can subscribe to "Alter Everything" on Apple PodcastsSpotifyOvercast, or wherever you like to listen to podcasts. You can also send them directly to the Community show notes where you'll find the episode and additional resources. Better yet, encourage them to register for Community while they're here so they can join us in the discussion 🙂


Happy listening!


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Enjoyed the podcast and it is timely. I am looking forward to speaking with Chris and discussing ways to get this to the local region.  There are many food banks here but not all gathering data at the granularity needed to do the analysis I saw in the video series and heard on this podcast. So raising the awareness and creating a standardized approach and templates to help these organizations start thinking in terms of gathering their operations data which can then be used for analysis and improving their processes and contributing to their success.