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Nonprofits: Introduce Yourself!


The Alteryx For Good team is excited to have launched this Community space, so now all of our Nonprofits can start to connect, share best practices, and hear from each other how they are using Alteryx to elevate their mission. 


Nonprofits, we’d love you all to introduce yourself and share your data stories! Whether you are looking into utilizing Alteryx or have been using Alteryx for years; we can all learn from each other!


A few questions to start:


What are your biggest data challenges in your organization?


Where are you looking to make operational improvements?


Tell us more about your nonprofit and the community you serve! 


If you have not already, please subscribe to the AFG Discussion thread – this will allow you to easily engage with our nonprofits, students and educators!


I can’t wait to hear from you and watch as you interact with each other!