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Student License Help

6 - Meteoroid

I know this isn't really a discussion-type question, but I've tried a few other options and they told me to come here with my questions... So, I applied for the student license. I'm currently a student, but I accidentally put .edu instead of .net in my application email. I was quickly approved and it said an email was sent with my license key or something. I put the wrong email, so there is no way to access that link. I tried re-submitting my application with the correct email, but I received an error message saying I already claimed the student license offer.


Again, not a discussion worthy question, but I would really love some help!


@lsalmon33 Just looping in @ToriA here who may be able to help


Hi @lsalmon33 cc: @RishiK 


Not an issue! Please e-mail alteryxforgood@alteryx.com


In the e-mail, include the correct e-mail address and your full name. We can look up the license key for you. For visibility please cc lmisenhimer@alteryx.com 


AFG Team

5 - Atom

i am having issues applying for the Student package , anytime i try i get this "invalid graduation date"  which is also the very said month and year i completed is there a way to solve this

6 - Meteoroid

I can't speak for Alteryx. But my understanding is that the student license is for current students. If you already graduated, that could be the error with your graduation date and you might have to buy an individual license. If that's not the issue, then maybe try reaching out to the email they posted in the thread. Good luck!