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What is Alteryx doing to engage with the military veteran community?

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I was wondering if Alteryx has considered engaging the Military 

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First of course is a thank you for your service.  While I am not an employee of Alteryx, I believe that I can attest to their desire to engage the US Government to support our veterans.  I have spoken with Dean Stoeker ( @dstoecker  ) , one of the founders of Alteryx about this very subject.  He's reached out to offer assistance to help with the growing epidemic of veteran suicides.  Alteryx has a robust initiative, Alteryx For Good, that you can reach out to at AlteryxForGood@Alteryx.com or you can find a link to their website here:  https://www.alteryx.com/why-alteryx/alteryx-for-good .


Maybe you could provide the AFG team with some guidance so that they can help to bring available resources to supporting our Vets.





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As a member of the veteran community myself, this topic hit home for me. It would be interesting to see how the VA's systems and the corresponding VA CRM programs could be improved through a partnership with Alteryx. 


Although I have no power to influence such a change in an organization of that size. 


I might be able to mention something next time I am there. 



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I can't answer your question, but I am also interested in this. I did IT work while in the Navy, and I've personally felt like there weren't enough resources for veterans in tech. Everyone was more than willing to give me a job that would either be unrelated to my background or would be underemployment for my skill set (i.e. cashier, housekeeping). 


Things are beginning to change, but there is still a huge gap. I think that Alteryx could really make a huge difference in helping veterans get more skills relevant to the civilian workforce.


If any of the employees are reading this, I'd be more than happy to give input and suggestions if you guys decide to connect with veterans. 


I am sorry I did not see this posting earlier.  One way Alteryx is working to engage the military veteran community is through the ADAPT program.  Here is a story about a US Navy Veteran who used APADT to build her analytics skills. https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alter-Nation/Rising-Above-with-ADAPT-Meet-Leeia-Isabelle/ba-p/60758... 


We know other veterans and even active-duty military are participating in the APDAT program and we are looking at ways to expand that engagement. 


Please reach out with any questions.


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