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Student License Help

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I know this isn't really a discussion-type question, but I've tried a few other options and they told me to come here with my questions... So, I applied for the student license. I'm currently a student, but I accidentally put .edu instead of .net in my application email. I was quickly approved and it said an email was sent with my license key or something. I put the wrong email, so there is no way to access that link. I tried re-submitting my application with the correct email, but I received an error message saying I already claimed the student license offer.


Again, not a discussion worthy question, but I would really love some help!


@lsalmon33 Just looping in @ToriA here who may be able to help


Hi @lsalmon33 cc: @RishiK 


Not an issue! Please e-mail alteryxforgood@alteryx.com


In the e-mail, include the correct e-mail address and your full name. We can look up the license key for you. For visibility please cc lmisenhimer@alteryx.com 


AFG Team