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Halloween is just around the corner but did you know just HOW much candy is consumed this time of year?


  • Americans purchase nearly a billion pounds of candy a year for Halloween? That’s about 3 lbs of candy for every single American!
  • Over 10% of annual candy sales happen the days leading up to Halloween
  • More than 9 Billion candy corn kernels will be consumed even though only about 10% cite it as their favorite Halloween candy
  • $2.6 BILLION will be spent on Halloween candy in America alone this year with the average household spending $50 a year on Halloween Candy
  • 72% of parents admit to secretly eating their child’s candy

Many people have fond memories of Halloween, dressing up in fun or scary costumes, running up to houses, ringing the doorbell and shouting “Trick or Treat!”  Every house gave you new hope that your favorite candy would be put in your bucket or pillowcase.  Of course, there was also the anticipation of the house that gave away full-size candy bars and the house that crushes all dreams by giving away dental floss, or sadly for Charlie Brown a rock. 

charlie brown.gif


Finally, when your bucket was too heavy for your little arms to carry it was time to enjoy your Halloween loot. There was a thrill of picking out the first candy to eat in the bucket. But, what if you knew which candy is most likely to appear in your trick or treat buckets?  We broke down the numbers, thanks to our friends at the candystore.com. 


Use our Halloween candy analyzer, Trick or Treat?, to determine which candy you are most likely to pull out of your bucket on October 31st. Simply select your location on the map and click run to see what candy you’re most likely to see in your buckets along with a fun fact about the most popular candy in your state.  You can also download the workflow behind the app or download the Google image macro (to pull Google images into the workflow) as a special Halloween treat!