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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-tos.
7 - Meteor

With tax requirements constantly changing there can come a need to have ERP data or alerts automatically come into your mailbox, eliminating the need to manually pull and check this information on a routine basis.

The problem is traditional ways of accomplishing this don’t offer much flexibility and can take a lot of time and effort to set up or change. Through Alteryx we are able to bring this capability to the tax advisor themselves and give them the flexibility to adjust as requirements change.

Here’s an example, we have a basic ODBC connection to SAP for bringing in relevant compliance data to be checked. This is a scheduled workflow on Alteryx Server, automatically pulling this data monthly and sending it to the appropriate contacts via email.



These reports could get quite large, however, and in most scenarios, we want to store them outside of email to have backups on hand from various time periods. We accomplish this by saving the report to a file share, then emailing relevant contacts a link. Not only does this solve the problem, but it also prevents from burdening our recipients email boxes with large volumes of data.





While in this example it might not seem like there’s much calculation going on, it demonstrates the potential for the user to further build this out on their own as the requirements change. This gives users previously unavailable flexibility when it comes to their data, all directly available in their inbox as shown in the final output below.