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15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi folks, I'm back again with something that I think is quite cool. Hopefully, you do too!




"I'm scared. TheOC is creating something weird with Alteryx again. I've only just got my productivity back from the Snake Game.Bear with me - this one is more useful for learning Alteryx, I promise!


As you may know already by my obsession with collecting badges and certifications, I am always trying to keep on top of my #AlteryxAcademy. However, when it comes to the Weekly Challenges, I find myself spoilt for choice and spend far too long picking a challenge. This is, of course, one of those problems you want to have - an endless amount of learning material is a great thing. Despite this, I would like to remove this manual inefficiency, if only a platform came to mind that was perfect for automating manual tasks...

My original solution to this has been to use the Weekly Challenge Tracker Workflow by @Hannah_Lissaman@Alekh, and @mceleavey on the Weekly Challenge Index Page (Thanks guys).  This was useful to help me understand the challenges that I haven't done and their category/difficulty. This made it much easier to hone my learning and single out the more basic challenges before moving on to some of the more difficult ones. However, this had the same issue of presenting me with way too much choice, and I would struggle to pick a challenge actually to do - think Chihuahua in a grocery store.




"Okay, so you're indecisive when it comes to the challenges, and it's a problem I can relate to. How are you going to help me?" Great question--I'm really glad you asked!

I have created the Random Weekly Challenge App. This is a really simple Alteryx app that will ask you what type of challenge you would like to do:




As you can see, as part of the app, I get a choice of all of the possible labels:




After filling it out:



I can hit finish, and the app will check which weekly challenges I haven't done, in this case, basic weekly challenges with a priority of data cleansing. The tool will then download the start file, and open it within my Alteryx Designer, all from one app with and click of a button. This also includes if the start file is a packaged workflow:



And the workflow is open and ready for me to solve:




I had better go solve this workflow now... 


But hopefully, this is cool to at least some of you, too! I am hopeful that when I now have some time spare within my day, I can run my app, quickly get into a weekly challenge, and get it submitted. Much easier!

I have attached the app as a packaged workflow below. Please give it a try and let me know what you think. I haven't locked any of the macros, so feel free to open everything and have a look at how it works. A lot of it is built on the original weekly challenge tracker workflow, with a bit of 'fancy' Download Tool and Run Command Tool functionality to download a workflow and open it.


NOTE: in order for the app to open a workflow automatically, it needs to be run from Windows File Explorer (double click the .yxwz file). If you run it within Designer, it will still download the start file but not open the file. This is just an oddity of Alteryx Analytic Apps that I haven't found a solution to.