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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-tos.
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Automation is becoming increasingly important to drive productivity, efficiency, and innovation. However, building an application from scratch can be a daunting task, especially for businesses that lack the technical expertise or resources to develop custom software. 


This is where Alteryx App Builder comes in – a powerful new Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform capability that allows app creators of all skill levels to create intuitive custom analytic applications for organization users to access insights with, without the need for coding or development knowledge.  
How can Alteryx App Builder help? Strap in as we explore how it works and how organizations can use it to work smarter in an ever-changing market.


What are the possible use cases for App Builder? 


Alteryx App Builder makes access to actionable business insights easy – on any device with a browser. It enables end users to answer their own questions, reducing dependency on your analytics teams and freeing them up to collaborate with internal stakeholders to identify new opportunities for the enterprise.  
Here are some examples of applications that app creators can make for end users to access insights across a variety of industries: 




In an HR department, for example, an app can be created and used to determine if a salary being offered is fair for a prospective employee based on factors such as years' experience, role, and qualifications, ensuring companies that they are offering competitive compensation packages and attracting the best talent.  


A vendor management team can create and use an app to analyze active users for a new and expensive business license to determine if money is being well-spent, helping companies optimize their budgets and ensure that they are only spending money where it is most needed. 


Investment analysts can choose the account and fiscal period that they want to view data. They can select the account(s) from a table, export it as a CSV, and upload it to their secure management portal for other analysts to view.  


Easily uncover near-real-time results  


AB Orchestration Gif.gif


Alteryx App Builder also provides real-time results, allowing organizations to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. An integral capability accessible within the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform, App Builder integrates seamlessly with Designer Cloud workflows, our leading solution for data prep, blending, and analytics, or with full-data sets directly from the organization’s library to reduce manual retrieval processes. Applications can even include a combination of various workflows and full datasets to ensure all necessary data is pulled to make informed decisions. 


Code-free application building 

 AB drag and drop 4.gif


Let's get into some of the features App Builder offers that make it easy for businesses to create and customize their applications – all without code. 


First, find interactive tools like dropdowns, buttons, checkboxes, star ratings, and radio buttons that can be used to customize specific use cases. For example, a text field can be used as a search bar for the name of an investment account or as an input for role type when determining a prospective employee's salary. A run button can be used to trigger a calculation or with conditional rendering to build easy multi-paged apps.  


A combination of interactive and display tools can be configured to surface information in a digestible format for end users. App creators can build applications using display tools such as tables and charts that can dynamically update based on incoming data, making it trivially easy for the end user to find the information they are seeking.  


When designing the look and feel of an application, all app creators need to do is drop the interactive and display tools onto the canvas – drag the corner to resize and choose the colors for easy styling. 

Once app creators are done building an app, they can share it with members of their specific workspace for use, democratizing analytics in your organization at scale.


Try App Builder today! 


Alteryx App Builder is a powerful and flexible capability within the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform that allows businesses to build and deploy customized analytic applications in the cloud. By democratizing enterprise-wide insights and improving overall business agility, App Builder provides real value to businesses across a wide range of industries and offers the tools they need to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.  


To begin using App Builder, sign up for a Free Cloud Trial, and view the Get Started Guide. For updates on our newest features and functionality, view the Release Notes.


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