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11 - Bolide

I have a strange issue with the HTML GUI SDK.  When I select all my configuration options and click off the tool, the configuration saves without issue (and loads without issue when I click back into my custom tool).  However, if I add a textarea widget and populate it with a large access token, clicking off the tool results in the UI locking up permanently.  Here's the kicker...the access token field is not the problem.  When I add the access token value and do not check any fields for output, the configuration saves/loads without issue.  So somehow, the combination of populating the access token field and selecting fields for output is causing the lockup.  What would be the relationship between a field select list and a large configuration field?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @rpaugh! This sounds very unusual! Would it be possible for you to supply the source code for your tool (at least the htmls/js)? That makes it easier to troubleshoot issues like this. Thanks!

11 - Bolide

It appears to have been a series of masked errors.  I was able to fix the configuration save/load issue by checking the record limit value prior to executing engine flow and bypassing it when the workflow is not actually running.  From there I determined that there was an issue deep down in the code that seemed to be executing endlessly rather than crashing and/or showing an error, which is what was previously locking the UI during config save/load.  I'm working on that error now, but for the purposes of my initial question the issue is resolved.