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This question is in reference to the HTML SDK that was released with 10.1 (see Ned's post here:


I am trying to understand how the files that need to be created get evoked/called for a configuration menu of a macro/tool. I have the proper files created and in the HTMLplugins folder. I also have the macro created but I can't seem to figure out how the HTML5 template is called for configuration menu. 


Let me know if this doesn't make sense ;)




If you take the JS_Eval folder from the attchment on that blog post and put it into the HtmlPlugins directory - usually C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\HtmlPlugins it should just work.  The tool will show up in the Laboratory folder on the Tool Pallate.  Once its there, you can rename, change the icon, change the code, etc...

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Thanks Ned - the laboratory piece was what I needed to understand. I went there and my macro was just sitting there waiting for me :)

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I have gone through all the examples in the HtmlPlugins folder and I can't seem to find an example for what I am trying to do. I have a macro setup somewhat like the salesforce input macro but the change I'd like to see if is possible is instead of taking in the credentials via the config menu and then having javascript/ajax use those inputs and run the API call I'd like to just pass the username/password values to the workflow directly where I run the api call using a workflow (with download tool) I've built. Possible? 


Let me know if you need more to work with



Joshua (


Honestly, if you are just wanting to accept some input and pass it through the workflow, I don't think you need the HTML/JS SDk at all.  A regular macro would work just fine.