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Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

Networking and meeting opportunities for Alteryx users in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Dallas-Ft. Worth User Group Leaders:

Deanna Sanchez, TeknionDavid Rardon, Yum!Brands, Inc.Kristin Scholer, AnsiraDaniel Carden, Accenture
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Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi, Dallas Alteryx User Group Members!  On Wednesday at the Alteryx Inspire Closing Keynote, given by Alteryx Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder, Olivia Duane Adams @LibbyD, I was presented with the Alteryx For Good Champion Award!  This award is given to those who are making a significant impact through Alteryx For Good.  We were recognized for all of the work dedicated to our non-profit chosen during Alteryx For Good week, The Commit! Partnership in Dallas.  @Commit helps drive student achievement "from cradle to career", helping kids stay in school and graduate, and our Dallas AFG team has been assisting Commit with Alteryx implementations, workflows, and apps since AFG week in April!


I prefer to say we were recognized because although I led the volunteer efforts, scheduling, tasks, etc., we had a team of volunteers that met onsite with Marie Appel of Commit, and we brainstormed together to create the workflows and apps that later will become essential to their processes.  I love to tell how in the first hour of our initial meeting, we transformed one of Commit's laborious Excel pivot table processes into an Alteryx workflow that ran in 2 minutes!  Our volunteers met onsite with Commit through the week, and we will continue to assist them both onsite and virtually.


I am working with Marie to enable our volunteers to work on developing workflows and apps for Commit through online collaboration.  This will allow volunteers who aren't available to meet onsite to dedicate their time and skills to the cause, providing a means via internet to create even more solutions for Commit (and therefore, kids in Dallas, throughout Texas, and beyond)!  Thank you to Marie and the teams at Commit for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with us, and to become a remarkable part of Alteryx For Good.


In addition, I want to thank our amazing Dallas AFG volunteer team, who were able to visit Commit and instantly start showing the many benefits of Alteryx.  I am happy to dedicate this award to each of YOU, and in many ways, to all who are mentioned throughout this blog post:


Kristin Scholer, @kscholer, Ansira

Marisol Rippy, @marisol_rippy, Plains Capital Bank

Tom Laney, Southwest Airlines

Brian Purcell, @BPurcell, Ingersoll Rand


I also want to thank our Dallas Alteryx User Group Leadership Team; these members are the foundation of the user group, and we work together to plan agendas, invite speakers, select locations, and even bring name tags.  I couldn't do it all without these outstanding leaders, whom you have probably met while being greeted during sign in at meetings:


David Rardon, Yum! Brands, who helped inspire the idea of the "MapHeads" subgroup along with Joshua Chlapek; 

Daniel Carden, Accenture, who facilitates the A/V connections for the speakers and runs point throughout the meetings; 

And especially, Kristin Scholer, @kscholer, Ansira, who is the "voice of reason", the restaurant resource, the smile that helps to greet the user group members, and the one who offers to bring puppies as swag :)  It is awesome to have a team like this to serve the user group with.


Thanks to each of our Dallas Alteryx User Group Members; you all make the user group as exceptional as it is!  I heard throughout the conference from so many others who have noticed our user group, and want to know how they can grow a group like ours, with not only such a large number of members, but also with informative and entertaining presentations and speakers.  There isn't a Dallas Alteryx User Group without you, and I am grateful to each of you for your membership.


I also want to send thanks to the Alteryx For Good staff at Alteryx:

Tori Adamo, @ToriA, Senior Manager, University Relations & Alteryx for Good, and

Quyen Tien, @QuyenT, Programs Coordinator

I can't thank you enough for the award; it is truly a gift to work with you for Alteryx For Good, and you both have been an inspiration - from your starting the program to helping it grow throughout the user group community.  Seeing the impact from your efforts in just one year is amazing, and I can only begin to imagine where the next year of AFG outreach will lead!


Thank you also to the User Group staff at Alteryx for all of their fantastic support and encouragement:

Taylor Miller Goodfellow, @TaylorM, Manager, Customer Advocacy

Lauren Uyeno, @LaurenUCustomer Advocacy Coordinator;

Tatiana Servin, @TatianaS, Customer Advocacy Coordinator

The three of you are the energy, drive and commitment of the user groups, and because of you, we have seen the user groups grow from a handful to over 70 worldwide.  Your team is one of the reasons Alteryx is able to successfully benefit such a large number of people!


Most of all, thank you to Olivia Duane Adams, Alteryx Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder; it is an honor to receive this award, and truly a privilege to be a part of Alteryx For Good.  It is wonderful to see the positive impact of each AFG effort, such as Luvin’ Arms Animal Sanctuary, and to watch the “ripple effect” of good: Alteryx user groups helping organizations, which help others, and so on.  Your work in co-founding Alteryx is improving the world for so many!


There is a saying, sometimes attributed to Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the World”.  With Alteryx, it is possible . . .




AFG Champion.jpgDedicated to Dallas Alteryx UG Volunteers, Leaders and Members


Deanna,  it was nice to see you recognized for leading this effort.  It was very cool seeing how Commit would be able to use Alteryx to better deliver their goal of improving education for children.  How generous  of Alteryx to provide the licenses and data bundle at your recommendation.


Nice work! Congratulations.