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Hey Y'ALL I'm back!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hey wonderful people, apologies for the radio silence, I have recently changed jobs and now I am hiring! Wow. so if you would love to work with me and Alteryx please do hit this link and have a look if this role is for you:


In other news I am hoping to hold an online user group soon. So which topics are you hoping for first? Recently I have created a SNOWFLAKE BULK updater so I can give you the low down on that as well as a Excel Macro for splitting data into many files to go our to representatives. Surprised about this, but really needed. 


Would anyone else be willing to step up and share for our first meeting back? Also to catch up, I am happy to hold these once a month if it helps?! Do let me know.


All the best my fellow solvers.