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Hey!! I'm Sarah and I work for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. I am currently one of the power users in our Operations Division. I have used Alteryx primarily to create self service tools using the interface tools to allow our internal stakeholders the ability to pull their own data in a controlled manner. I have also leveraged Alteryx to automate some time consuming manual reporting. I am interested in learning more about how other business are using Alteryx in with their operational data. On my weekends you will almost always find me riding my motorcycle around my state and surrounding states.

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If you're from NC, you probably know my friends @AndyMoncla and @jack_morgan.  Jack's a user group leader in Raleigh and both of these fellows will be speaking at Inspire.  That's a place where you can see how Alteryx is used and network with other Healthcare providers.  I am currently working on some engagements to drive value from Experian consumer demographic data into healthcare providers.  At one time, I worked on a project with BC Tennessee.


If you're at inspire and see me, please say Hey Y'all.



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Hey! I work for Anthem as well in the clinical quality. I started utilizing Alteryx about 3 months ago for HEDIS data. It has made our data quality & work more efficient. I would love to chat sometime.

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Hi, my name is Taylor Cox and I have an addiction (to Alteryx, of course).  I also work at Blue Cross NC with @SGolnik in the Raleigh-Durham area.  We're also members of the Raleigh-Durham User Group with our fellow North Carolinians ACEs, @jack_morgan and @AndyMoncla.


Alteryx Uses

I currently use Alteryx to build Web Connectors that enable our company to quickly consume data from our 3-rd party vendors, as well develop custom web applications using the Gallery APIs, and/or build the backend of just about anything.  I'm also our server administrator and can give copious amounts of advice on what NOT to do with your Alteryx Server configuration and MongoDB instances ;-)


Growth Areas

I'd love to expand my knowledge in Predictive Analytics and begin using Spatial Analysis in my work more often.


Weekend activities/hobbies:


  • Web Development, Analytics & Programming.
  • All things Science & Tech.
  • Saltwater Fishing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Baseball & Golf.



Taylor Cox

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Alteryx and healthcare data - big fun, or sickness? 


I work in Denver, CO for a 11 hospital, 200+ clinic system. 

One of my focuses is Provider data.  I'm just about done building a Provide Master Index to help us look at Providers across our many applications.


I also work with Pharmacy data.  We built a re-ingest of our 340B Macro Helix, McKesson data, and our retail Pharmacy data.... building a system wide view of our drug usage....we have a team working on this.


I'm glad to have this group!


Brenda Fosmire

SCL Health

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Hi Sarah,


Great to meet you digitally!  What type of motorcycle are you rollin' these days?


Mine is a 2007 Honda CBR 600RR.  


~ Nathan

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Great to have you in the group Taylor.  It seems that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is well represented in the Alteryx community.  :-)


I'm also the Server admin for our team.  I'm a noob when it comes to Server so I'd love to learn my from the community on that topic. 


~ Nathan "My Last Name Is..." Taylor

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This is my girl, Lucy. Kawasaki Vulcan 1500.

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Sweet ride @SGolnik!

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That is, indeed, a SUPER SWEET Vulcan!


OK, here's me on the crotch rocket: