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The Alteryx Analytics Beta 2020.4 Program has arrived! The Alteryx Beta Program you know, and love is back! New content is available now. Alteryx Beta Program users can access the new content and begin testing using the Sign In/Sign Up page. 


The Alteryx Analytics 2020.4 Beta is initially focused on the following enhancements:


  • Azure Data Lake (ADLS) Connectors
  • Salesforce Input tool
  • Adobe Analytics Tool (NEW! 9/17)
  • Feature Engineering and Auto ML tools (New! 10/5)


The ADLS Connectors are meant to enable our users to leverage the data they have in their Azure Cloud. We listened to our users’ requests from Community and enhanced the tools, so they can be used with almost any Azure setup: public cloud, government cloud, gen1 and gen2 storages, single- and multi-tenant.

The new release we are baking right now brings long requested functionalities: 


  • Government Cloud - US and China Cloud (and any custom endpoint) 
  • Gen2 storages 
  • Multitenancy support 
  • Brand new user interface with an improved user experience! 


The Salesforce Input Tool is used to query your tables from and read them into Designer. With this release of the Salesforce Input Tool, we are making updates to fix previously discovered issues. We are continuing to make further improvements to the tool including but not limited to: 


  • Existing Report option errors out 
  • Existing Report option Errors via CMD/Scheduler 
  • Certificate Verify Failed 

The Adobe Analytics tool is used to query report data from Adobe Analytics and read it into Designer.  

This release of the Adobe Analytics tool includes the following updates: 


  • updates to the authentication methods used (This authentication method must be used for scheduling workflows.) 
  • JWT authentication is now allowed 

There are no updates to other tool behavior. 


The Feature Engineering and Auto ML tools are made up of these functional areas.  

  • The Select Feature Types tool allows users to add enhanced type information to their data. This enhanced type of data is leveraged by the build features tool to help automatically generate meaningful new features. 
  • The AutoML tool allows users to perform Automated Machine Learning using a single tool within the Alteryx Designer. The tool can be configured by specifying the field in the incoming dataset that you would like the model to estimated/predicted.    

Call to Action  

In addition to helping orient you to the features that we’re delivering with the next version of Designer, we want you to also do your own exploratory testing so that you can weigh in on the quality of Designer by providing suggestions or identifying bugs by signing in and adding your feedback so that our Product and Development teams can weigh them against other top priorities.  Here’s how to get started! 


  1. Log in to the Alteryx Beta program - Sign In/Sign Up
  2. Select test area by clicking one of the ‘What to Test’ topics on the right-hand side of the page.



  1. Choose your installer (or.yxi if offered).  Don’t know which installer to use? Check out this blog post.



  1. Apply beta license key.  They’re on the left-hand side:



  1. Follow test script instructions



  1. Provide feedback!



  1. Questions?  just email