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See 20/20 with our 2019.4 release as we take off into the new year and begin solving your biggest business questions with better vision.  


Whether you prefer to see your data from a bird’s-eye view or to see every detail with a microscope, your journey to uncovering answers is entirely up to you. See more, see faster, and see the beauty of your data. Read on to find out more about the eye-opening features you’ll love in 2019.4. 


Identify Locations with Mapbox 

New Satellite/Aerial and Street MapsNew Satellite/Aerial and Street Maps

Turn location data into business outcomes with high-quality, detailed basemaps from Mapbox now integrated into Designer. 

 With global coverage and fast rendering down to one-meter resolution, you can explore comprehensive street and satellite aerial imagery to uncover that extra layer of insights you’ve been looking for.  In addition to a new, crisp user interface, extend your analysis to utilize Mapbox macros available on the Alteryx Gallery. These macros will help you answer questions like, how long will it take me to walk from point a to point b? Want to explore more location intelligence with our new Mapbox integration? Find out more in this blog!


Tableau Hyper API 

Read in your Tableau Hyper Data Extract (.hyper) files at hyper speed! Together, Alteryx and Tableau have brought this game-changing improvement to life so that you can read and write Hyper files with the seamless new Hyper API integration. 
Use a Hyper file as your Input data to augment, combine it with other data, and manipulate it just how you need it. After transforming your data, output the results back to Tableau via Hyper file for visualization. Need to layer on more data? Easily bring the Hyper file back into Alteryx, enrich and explore before sending out for everyone to visualize.  Analyze, rinse, repeat. Learn more about this new addition here. 


We’re hyped about it!  


Find Hidden Values 

Ctrl + F or click Edit, Find to search across column names, expressions, annotations, and general tool configurations all in one sweep. You can rest assured that you don’t have to worry if you’ve caught everything. Once your word or phrase is identified, the specific tools containing this text illuminate on the canvas. Explore the list of where each word was found in the dialog box that you can dock in your left or bottom windowpane.  


Find Tool.PNG



Your SQL with a New Lens 

SQL GIF Social.gif

Whether you use SQL or use data from SQL, it’s important to see the code embedded in every SQL

 data source. Many Alteryx users know at least a little bit of basic SQL, and a large part of coding in

 general focuses on making sure your code is clean and organized so that it’s easy to read, edit, 

and understand. Visualize your code as 

you expect with different text colors, a new font, and the ability to save spaces and indentations as you write code. This formatting saves after you exit and re-enter the Connect In-DB Tool to pick up right where you left off. 



Discover Shortcuts Everywhere! 

 Improved Copy and Paste Experience for the Text Input Tool: Rather than starting your analysis with a file or database, Text Input gives you the option to manually key data into a table. Now, copy any size table or text onto your clipboard and then right-click directly onto your canvas to create a Text Input Tool from this data, and see your table appear in the same grid layout that you copied it in. 



Create a Text Input Tool from any Table of DataCreate a Text Input Tool from any Table of Data


Cut/Copy Tools and Paste Between Connections or After a Tool: Copy or Cut a tool on your canvas to Paste it in the middle of the connection, or after a different tool. Rearrange your workflow in new ways and forget about that extra time spent dragging and dropping!


See in New Languages 

Data is a language we all speak, and now you can analyze data in more languages including Italian and Simplified Chinese available in beta. We’re thrilled to start the new year off with users in new countries. 


User-Level Create Collections Permission in Server 

Get granular over who can create Collections within your company to ensure proper data governance. Grant permission to any user to create Collections and power collaboration throughout the organization. 


Alter Insights with the Interactive Chart Tool 

Eliminate the need for separate tools upstream in your workflow and consolidate your data aggregation. Just like in the Insight Tool, we’re bringing calculations to the Interactive Chart Tool so you can create charts quicker, and easily explore your data by performing calculations like count or sum on fields. 



Calculate in Interactive ChartsCalculate in Interactive Charts



View every Data Profile in BetaView every Data Profile in Beta

View All Your Data Profiles (in Beta) 

See your entire dataset at a high level to understand your data’s quality and compare profiles, spot outliers or trends, and view distributions and counts by group. From the second you begin analyzing, you’ll know your dataset inside and out. Try this new feature now available in beta and see all your facts and figures lined up to make sure they match your expectations. 

Upgrade Today

Seeing is believing, so upgrade to our latest release and install 2019.4 now to experience these updates! To read more about each of these features, check out our Technical Documentation. Tell us what you think about new additions coming soon through our Beta program so that we can continue to evolve, and share your genius thoughts on our Designer Ideas page in Community. 


Are you a new Alteryx user? To experience these new features that will take your analytics to the next level, install 2019.4 today! If you’ve been hearing great things about us, it’s time to see for yourself. Download our free two-week Alteryx Designer trial and start solving today.