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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Many organizations are familiar with the value of using the Alteryx Server Scheduler, which makes it easier to automate and scale analytic processes. The Scheduler is a powerful tool that allows users take pre-built workflows and set them to run on a custom pre-determined schedule in order to operationalize workflows for repeatable data processes. With the release of Alteryx Analytics 11.0, we are excited to announce a new browser-based Alteryx Server Scheduling experience that takes all of the capabilities of the current scheduler and places it into an easy to use interface that enables greater user access control.


With this release, users are now able to create and manage their schedules for workflows and applications via a new and improved browser-based Scheduler interface. This Scheduler is the robust version of the alternative existing Designer scheduling capabilities offered that is browser-based with additional user access control via Gallery logins.






When scheduling workflows in the new interface, users will only be able to create schedules for workflows that they have access to and will only be able to see and manage their own schedules. Additionally, scheduling workflows that have set credentials is supported with all of this aimed at helping organizations adhere to internal data governance policies and standards that have been put in place.


With the new Scheduling functions in Alteryx Analytics 11.0:

  • Users can schedule through the browser
  • Users can see and manage only the schedules and workflows they have access to
  • Users can schedule workflows with credentials
  • Administrators can see and manage schedules in the new Scheduler Administration Panel


Getting started with the new Scheduler is easier than ever – once the Server Administrator has enabled scheduling in the Administration Panel, users can begin to create schedules of workflows and applications saved on their server without the need to get a machine name or controller token from IT or Server Administrators.  Once enabled, scheduling is as easy as a click of the button in a clean and intuitive user interface.






But the benefits don’t stop here, Administrators will also have a new view in the Alteryx Server Administration Panel that allows admins the ability to view and manage jobs running on the Server in addition to all of the schedules that have been created by users. Scheduling in the Gallery is also great for publishing different workflows with users that don’t use the Alteryx Designer but want to drive deeper insights into pre-built workflows.


The new browser-based Scheduler that takes all the power of scheduling that Alteryx has to offer to a different level, with a sleek browser interface that makes it easy to create and manage schedules while providing the visibility and control that IT and data governance policies require.









This is just one of multiple new features that we’ve released with Alteryx Analytics 11.0. If you’d like to see this feature and the other new features we’ve released in action, please join us for “Bridging the Gap: Self-Service Data Analytics meets Data Governance.


You can also learn more about the new features in Alteryx Analytics 11.0 by following our release blog series.