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Wscript timedout in gallery

7 - Meteor

Hi there,


I have a analytical app that has an event run before the workflow runs.

I configured the event to call a vbs script with the help of wscript.exe (located in C:\Windows\System32)

The analytical app works very well on the Server Designer, but when I publish that to the gallery there is an error occurs saying "...wscript.exe timed out ".


I have tried to include the "wscript.exe" in the workflow asset or run it as external command.

Unfortunately, Both of which does not work.


Is there anything wrong with my configuration? Or do I miss something important?



Thanks in advance 



Steve Tang


Hi @steve_tang 


My initial thoughts is that the Alteryx Server is running with a Run As user that that does not have permissions to access a directory, file or program.

It could also be that no Run As user has been configured and is running as the Local System Account and also does not have proper permissions.

When you logged into the server to test Designer, did you use your own credentials or admin credentials?

If there is a Run As is user configured, is it different than the logged in user when testing in Designer on the server?


When the VBS script is called what does the script do? Does it open a program and perform an operation or require your interaction?

One thing to keep in mind is that a workflow or process that is run through the Alteryx Gallery or Scheduler is run through the Alteryx service. The Alteryx Service runs in a non-interactive/non-GUI state. So if your VBS script opens up a program or window you won't see it, and it might be getting caught up in this non-interactive state even if you are not actually interacting with what ever the script does.


You might want to start with a very simple VBS script, like creating a text file, see how that goes testing in both Designer on the Server and running through the Gallery and then progress with the script from there.


When running your script through the Gallery if you are logged onto the server and open the Task manager, are you able to see the processes/applications that your VBS script executes? You might be able to see which part of your script is getting stuck, or you have have your script write out little text files as checkpoints in your script it might help pin point where it is getting hung up.


Hope this helps.


Peter Stoddard
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.

7 - Meteor
Hi, @PeterS Sorry for the late reply as I was having my holiday. After contacting support, they have identified the root cause which is due to DCOM permission. As you have mentioned, we have to make the user interactive to make it work. By editing the permission for the Excel application in Component Services, the timeout issue has been resolved. Thanks for your help. Steve Tang