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Workflow failing due to CreW Runner Macro

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I am getting the below error when using CreW List Runner Macro in Gallery. I can confirm that the crew macro is installed on the server and no changes to the server was made, but suddenly all workflow using only Crew Runner tools are failing, rest are running fine.


The job Workflow_1 did not complete successfully and resulted in the following errors:

  • Tool #4: Tool #3: Iteration #1: Tool #5: Record #1: Tool #2: Tool #2: The external program "SupportingExes\AlteryxRunner.exe" returned an error code: -1073741502
  • Tool #4: Tool #3: The output connection "Logs" was not valid

Version: v11.


@MarqueeCrew : Any advise?



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What version of Alteryx are you running on the Server?  If it's 2019.3, the first release had an issue with CREW macros and they runner macros did not work


if you download Version: 2019.3.5.17947 released on October 17, that fixed the issues.


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@Dynamomo  Thanks for your comments. I am using v11. So this release not is not applicable for my problem.

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Restarting the server fixed this issue.