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Date Format From Server Reports

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I am pulling data from the Alteryx report servers in order to better understand how Alteryx users at my company are using the tool and to control what they are uploading to the servers. Being said, using an Alteryx workflow I can clean up the CSV. files that the server generates and show different metrics on the workflows and users. I am trying to clean up date data but the issue is the form is difficult to interpret.




This is an example of what should be a date, any ideas how to trouble shoot?  I don't really care what form the date is as long as it is something readable.


Thanks in advance.




The format looks like unix timestamp which is expressed as seconds since 1970-01-01. Judging by the length of the number it looks like milliseconds rather than seconds. The value after + would be timezone adjustment.


Once you separate out the number (eg by using the Text-to-columns tool), you can use the below formula to turn it into date