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Where is the output file of workflow result stored on Server?

7 - Meteor

Hello, This is my first post on Alteryx community.


My organization has Alteryx Server nodes in multiple countries controlled by a Controller node in Japan.

I am looking for a way to make the best use of our Alteryx Servers while complying with the regulations in various countries.


Suppose that

  • An App allows the user to specify the input file on his local disk and to download the result from the Server.
  • The user can download the result as "Output File" on "Workflow Result" menu of the Gallery.
  • The user runs the App on the Worker in Singapore.
  • The Controller node is located in Tokyo.

In this case, where is the Output File stored on Alteryx Server?

Is it on the Worker node or the Controller node?


If it is stored on the Worker node, that is not a problem.

But if it is stored on the Controller node, I am concerned taht some regulator may consider the data is "moved" from Singapore to Tokyo across the border.


Kindly advise, Thank you!


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

It should be stored on the controller in the Mongo DB, assuming that's the DB you used when installing the server software.  Of course it's also being stored wherever the user downloads it to since you're giving them the option to download it.  But since this has to do with regulatory rules, you might want to reach out to so they can look at your settings to make 100% sure of it.