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Using File Browse Interface Tool in Gallery to output to a "NEW" Excel file.

I'm having problems getting the file browse interface tool to work with the render tool in the gallery.


If I select "Report Formats" in the configuration, and ".D\TEST.xlsx" as the Output File in the render tool, instead of creating an Excel file, the tool wants to open one.




If I select the "Save as Dialog" button, and Report Formats, the application works in designer:







But when uploaded to the gallery, the "BROWSE" button is gone, as is the "Save As" icon, and there is no longer an option to browse to the output folder:




At this point, the report runs in the gallery, but the user has to open the results in the gallery and save it to their folder. I can't sort out a way to have them browse to the path and file name before the report has run.


I tried copying and pasting the path and file name in the dialog box, but that doesn't work either:







<caveat> This is a guess....


My suspicion is that this is not working in gallery mode because when running from the gallery it's running in the context of the server (I.e. it's running inside the Alteryx Web Server) and because of that it cannot get access to the user's machine.


If there's a network share that is visible from the gallery server, and the server login is entitled to - you can probably set this as the default file location.


Sorry I can't definitively answer, but my suspicion is that this is a context issue.


We've had similar issues with our server and the solution was as @SeanAdams suggested - set the file path to a location on the network accessible by the Alteryx server (probably a UNC path) that your users also have access to.