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There was an unknown error executing the application. The engine reported status Error.


I was building up a few workflows locally, using connections synced from the gallery. Everything was good.


Uploaded the workflows to the gallery. Ran it manually from the gallery, worked fine. Scheduled it on the gallery, worked fine.

Some of the workflows had errors but nothing that stopped it from doing the main transformations and outputting to a table.


One day, I noticed that at least one scheduled workflow did not run all the way.

I checked the workflow results in the gallery and it showed the following error on two of my workflows: 

TypeProcess or Tool Id Details
-1There was an unknown error executing the application. The engine reported status Error

The other scheduled workflows were still running fine (using the same data sources).

I tried to manually run the workflow from the gallery and it did the same thing, didn't finish all the way with above error.

I also tried creating a new scheduled execution and it did the same thing.


I opened up the workflows in question from the gallery and I was able to run them locally and they both fully ran when I did this.

I made minimal changes to the workflow and when I tried to save them to the gallery it would get stuck on the "Validating..." step. I let it run for hours and it never moved and I had to end task. I tried this a few times with either of the workflows in question. Same behavior, had to end task.

After this, I rebooted my PC.


Start a new session of Alteryx Designer and I open one of the workflows in question and everything looks fine so far. When I try to run it, this message shows up:2018-12-07 10-30-21_Start.png

Then the data input tools have an error.

After that, when I open up any of my workflows from the gallery, I see an error on almost all of my data input tools stating:
"Unable to translate alias [data source name]".

I tried to re-sync the data sources from the gallery through a couple of ways, but it does not find the data sources I've been using.


I have asked my server admin for help to check the data sources on the server. He says he is not able to see anything through the logs.


Then I tried a whole reinstallation of Alteryx Designer. Still same issue.


New workflows that do not use those data sources work fine.


Any Ideas?
I was thinking something is wrong or misconfigured with the gallery data sources, but my admin thinks its something to do with my PC.


I've been using my Data Sources (64bit) with 6 System mysql data sources (connecting to 3 different tables total, 2 types of connections per table) that were created at the same time.

5 of them error'ed out after the reboot mentioned above, but 1 of them is still fine...


(I might not have placed this post in the right spot, please move it if appropriate)


Hi @jsh562


I would recommend that you ask the Gallery admin to remove you from the data connections and then add you back to the data connections via gallery admin to try and manually re-sync them. If that doesn't resolve the issue, another thing I would also recommend you try is to close Designer and then delete the Galleryalias.xml file located in your C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Engine directory. When you boot Designer backup, this file will automatically regenerate. This will also manually re-sync the connections. 



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Using Alteryx server 2018.3.4.51585, I have also experimented such a problem after a shutdown of the windows server.

Is it possible that this type of error come from this ? If it is not the case, do you have any idea of the origin of aka translation problem can be very annoying to apply the described workaround if you manage a lot of users





Hi @_olivierbisthoven


The "Unable to Translate Alias" error can happen for a few reasons.The engine process on the workflow is unable to translate the connection alias in order to connect to the database. This typically occurs if the alias doesn't exist on that server, or in the case of Gallery Data Connections of the connection/alias isn't packaged with the workflow when uploaded to Gallery. It could also occur if the user no longer has permission to access the Gallery connection. Another thing to check would be to make sure that if this is a System DSN, that nothing has changed on the system DSN on the machine that the gallery sits on. Hope this helps.