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There was an unknown error executing the application. The engine reported status Error

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Hi - I'm also facing this strange issue with a workflow. I analyzed and figured that this error occurs only when we have output file as "Flat ASCII File (*.Flat)".

This works fine in designer and even in the server designer, but when I upload it into gallery- Validation is passed, when Run gives an error as below

" Oops!

  The job Sample Flat File did not complete successfully and resulted in the following errors:
•There was an unknown error executing the application. The engine reported status Error "

The output flat File is created successfully but the job ends with error - not success status.


I created a simple workflow with a text input and output as .flat file. Still error with run in gallery.


Is the .Flat file not compactable in gallery? Can you help me with this one. Thanks much.

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14 - Magnetar

When you upload to the Gallery, are you attaching the FLAT file and the file that defines it's fields?

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The FLAT file is output of my workflow. Can you explain what you meant attach FLAT file?

A sample workflow is simple as I have a text Input with 2 columns and output as FLAT file - *.FLAT as Output.

It works fine in designer but fails in Gallery.


Also the same workflow (open from Gallery), if I change the output to any other format say Excel and save back to gallery it works fine.

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I have also encountered this problem. Did you find a solution for this?


@venkat_BNP @mic_jon 

I think that what @patrick_mcauliffe was referring to is that a FLAT file is actually a data file together with another file that defines the format.  

Flat file pair.jpg


If you try to write a flat file (or read one for that matter) without also having the file that defines the format, you'll run into problems.

Both files.jpg

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