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Shared Data Connections


Hey Alteryx Community,


I’m trying to use shared connections from the Gallery on our Alteryx VM, but it seems that the connections don’t work for everyone on any machine.

They always error whenever someone other than myself tries to use them.


Is there a way that I can set up a data connection that anyone can use, and that can be used on any computer?


I've tried setting up a generic database login to use for the connections so that anyone can use them, but, that errors because it doesn't recognise the generic user as an actual user??






Hi Mon,


Do you have a copy of the exact error being thrown?


Have you by any chance reviewed the FAQ in the Help section?


OpenWhy can't a user see the data connection I created and shared?


Yes I do! :)


The job Geocoding Workflow did not complete successfully and resulted in the following errors:

  • Error opening connect string: Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0: Login failed for user '###\DATASMART-ML$'.\28000 = 18456 (Tool Id: 30)
  • Error SQLDriverConnect: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Login failed for user '###\DATASMART-ML$'. (Tool Id: 38)
  • Error SQLDriverConnect: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Login failed for user '###\DATASMART-ML$'. (Tool Id: 19)
  • Error SQLDriverConnect: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Login failed for user '###\DATASMART-ML$'. (Tool Id: 40)


We are using a VM (DataSmart-ML) to host Alteryx - and it always fails when I try to run it on the gallery because it doesn't recognise the VM as an actual user?

... The VM isn't an actual user anyway though; do you think that we should set up a user for the VM?


I've shared all the connections to myself - and I log into the VM (using my own credentials) to use Alteryx; which is the same login for the Gallery.

The only difference is that the VM is the one hosting Alteryx and all the workflows...


Any advice would be great :)






I had a response, but then I realized you are already using the SQL Server Native Client.


On your server, do you have your aliases set to User or System? You will want System DSNs for schedule workflows and apps to take advantage of them.


I might be misunderstanding, but, gallery connections have a type of Gallery, not System or User.

Should they be set to System?



**********EDIT:  Okay I've been having a look around. It seems that the connections can be shared with the VM correctly :) Yay!  However... when I try to upload the workflows to the Gallery, I get the error that my VM can't log in; same as the one above.  Weird, since that I can run the workflows using the shared connections on the VM, but can't run the workflows saved by the VM....  Any ideas?


Cheers :)



Fireball your Alteryx System Settings, do you have anything set in the "Run as" section?


No - nothing has been set there.


Try entering your Domain and credentials. This could be related to workflow execution on the service layer. Basically, when a workflow or app gets run by the gallery or scheduler, it runs via AlteryxService. If you do not have credentials in that section, then the AlteryxService will use the system default to execute the workflow. The bad thing is that the system default, generally does not have access to most assets, or locations in your environment. When you actually click Run in the Designer, it is using your Windows log in credentials to make everything run correctly, when running on the Service layer and there's nothing set in Run As, it may not be able to run with access to all the things the workflow is calling for.


Thank you so much! That worked :) !