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Jobs showing as blank in Alteryx Server


Alteryx fanatics, how are you!!!!!????!!!!


So I have uploaded two workflows this morning and both are showing as "Queued", with a pink flashing bar.  I've never seen this before when uploading workflows.  I asked a co-wroker for help, and he advised me to look under Jobs, because there may be some other process running that is causing the issue.  When I click on Jobs in the server, there is no information at all.  So I do not know what is happening.  I do know that I am not running the latest version of the server, and also that we just got a new license key.  Maybe that's part of the problem?  Thanks.


Turns out that the first of two workflows I was uploaded was getting hung up while validating.  When you upload a workflow to the gallery, it runs the workflow in order to validate it.  I did not know this, which is why my workflow was showing as queued.  I still do not understand why I could not see what was happening under the Jobs section of the server.  I am going to try to update the server with the latest version of Alteryx server and designer now and hopefully everything runs smoothly.