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Scheduling an analytic app

Dear Peers!


I have been trying to find a solution for this everywhere but to no avail. So I have a workflow where I am connecting to Adobe Analytics native connector provided by Alteryx. So far so good, but I want data for the previous day's date(For example- on July 14th, I want data for July 13th). I also need that workflow to be scheduled and load data into db everyday so changing the dates is not possible manually. For this reason I used an action in the workflow-



The workflow runs very well when I run it manually as an analytic app as it dynamically replaces the date in Adobe connector with the previous Day formula I have placed in the Action. Now comes the tricky part for me. I need this workflow to be scheduled automatically. As far as I know when this workflow will be scheduled on the server, it will run as a normal workflow and not an analytic app(.yxwz) so my results will not be updated according to the dynamically calculated date but a static date value(I will also need some validation on this from you guys). If this is not possible, then i am searching for a way to run/schedule this analytic app automatically everyday. This app will not need any user input but will take the dynamic dates provided in the formula below-



I have not yet tried the command line option as it was not licensed for my local machine. Also I know there is one more Adobe macro available over Internet which has the option to get yesterday's data but it has limitations of selecting only 2 elements at a time but I need 3 so I am using the native connector.


It would be really helpful if you can assist me in this issue.





@Akanksha999 - you do have the ability to schedule the workflow as an actual app and pass values to it by running the application from the command line; while you may not have it licensed on your machine, the Server machine does. This makes it slightly more difficult to build/test, but it's definitely possible. This help article explains how you can use an XML file to update the parameters of your app. I would suggest building a workflow that dynamically updates the XML for you so you are passing the correct dates.


A couple things to note:

- Make sure the path to the command line is the path on the Server

- Make sure the XML files are located in a location that the Server machine has access to (or the Run As user has permissions to)

Sophia Fraticelli
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.