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Schedule a packaged workflow


I have a workflow with some external macros included.  I would like to be able to schedule this on our Alteryx server.  After I exported the workflow and its external assets into a packaged workflow, I tried to then schedule the package.  When I try to open the .yxzp it says 'The file you selected is an Alteryx Package.  Do you want to import it?'  I click Yes and it provides me with a dialog of the contents.  I chose the file name to save the worfklow as.  It then asks me if I would like to load the workflow, which returns me back to where I was right before I packaged everything up.  If I try to schedule this workflow I immediately get the error message that it can't find the external asset, even though I just went through like 5 steps to ensure that it was packaged up.  What am I missing?


How do I package a workflow and then schedule that packaged workflow so that the server has everything it needs to run successfully?


Hi Eric,


Assuming all of the dependencies and assets are included in the package, if you go to Options - View Schedules you can directly add the .yxzp file to the scheduler by clicking the plus sign:



As shown above, that button allows you to manually add an App, Workflow, or Package for scheduling.


Note that the workflow package needs to be in a location where the Alteryx Server can access it (depending on run option selected). If the Server can't reach the location where the package is stored you may see an access issue or "cannot find" type of error.


If that option doesn't work you may want to contact support directly by sending an email to If you do email in, please be sure to include screen shots of the error(s) you are seeing and if you can share it, the workflow itself.