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Private Studio not displayed in Subscriptions page


Hi Alteryx community,


Does anybody know why a Private Studio would not be displayed in the Subscriptions page and what I can do to resolve that? I can only access the studio through one of the assigned users. This is also only happening for one of the private studios. I have no problems viewing the other ones that have been created for the various teams on the Alteryx 2018.2 server we operate. I don't know if it's an access issue but as the Gallery Admin, I would assume that it's not. Thanks for your help.





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @MLay277 


Not sure if you found a solution to this or not, but in case you haven't... try clearing out your cache/cookies. You can also shift+F5 to clear these out from the page you're on only (in Chrome, not sure if this works on other browsers).


If that still doesn't resolve, the only other thing that I can think of is that the Lucene index is off and needs to be re-indexed/rebuilt. There's not much, if any, documentation on how to perform this and Alteryx prefers that you connect with their customer support to assist. is a post that sounds similar to what you're experiencing and rebuilding Lucene is what cleared it up.


Hope this helps!

Teknion Data Solutions


Thanks Jimmy. Actually have a support ticket in with Alteryx on this and we're working to troubleshoot this.