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Preventing the launch of scheduled WF at server restart

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We will have to turn off our Alteryx server during this week-end. We have tried that on a test server and it apperas that Alteryx launches the WF scheduled during the off period at the restart of the server.


How can we prevent such a behaviour?

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Alteryx Certified Partner



I haven't tested this, but you might try and remove the Alteryx Service from the boot services. 







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Hello Charlie,


Well, the issue is that when we relaunch Alteryx Service, Alteryx will launch all the pending schedules... And that's what we want to prevent.



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I do believe if you turn off the schedule workflows @ the admin page before you shut down, when you restart the service the schedules jobs won't start until you enable it again.


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Hi! I just want to confirm that I understand what you are saying here.


Let's say I have a previously scheduled, recurring workflow already established.

If that "no" is selected at the time the server is taken down, then it should prevent those workflows from running automatically when it comes back up?


Are the schedules still maintained, just disabled?  Will they re-engage when that permission is reinstated?


I would like a solution that allows me to manage workflow sequence at server restart, rather all missed schedules running at once.

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I suspect you could quickly remove all records from the AS_Queue collection with a status of 'Running' or 'Queued' once you start the services back up.


That's probably how I'd handle this scenario.


It's pretty easy if you understand the BSON query language that the MongoDB utilizes.