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Performance Profiling feature - output doesn't add up to "100%" ALSO "phantom tool IDs"




Has anyone else experienced the following:


1) Using the "Performance Profiling" in the workflow configuration...the results don't add up to "100%"; for example, in the workflow I'm looking at, reading the "engine log" and "scheduler log" the results add up to 82.23%.


2) Also, I'm getting "phantom" toolIds" being referenced.  I understand with the maco tools, you have to right-click and open them to get the toolId #s, but neither I, or AlteryxSupport personnel, were able to find this tool(s).  In this one case, 34% of the runtime (1:07hr runtime) referenced this toolID that is non-existent in the workflow.


Any ideas?





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Interesting observations. I don't have answers, but I'm curious to find out too.


1) Are there any workflow dependencies that may have external wait times? What I imagine is a committed read query that is submitted by Alteryx, but the database must wait to fulfill that for other transactions for finish.


2) The tool ID doesn't exist in the XML of the workflow or any macro referenced?





1) Yes; there are 3 workflow dependencies - 3 Connect In-DB tools - that are pulling data from Amazon Redshift.

2) Correct; we looked thru the XML and thru all the macros (right-clicking), but could not find the ToolId # referenced in the engine log.


Thanks for your help!