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Migrating scheduler job to gallery does nothing

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I have been experimenting with scheduling jobs via the Gallery. Up until now, we have done it exclusively via View Schedules in Designer. The Gallery scheduling looks nice, and I see in the Gallery Admin Jobs screen, that there is a Migrate tab.


I check the box on a job I want to migrate. I select my account as the owner. (I am a Curator and have given myself permission all the Jobs permissions.) I click Migrate. I see the row go grey and see a spinner for a few seconds, then it goes back to normal with no change. The desired job does not appear in the Scheduled Workflows. I get no error, but it just doesn't work.


I have looked in the Gallery logs, and see references to migration, but no error messages.


Any direction or ideas would be appreciated.

The migration feature I believe you are referring to is used for moving workflows between different Alteryx Servers:

Here is an article on scheduling workflows via gallery:
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The Migrate button will in fact transfer jobs scheduled on the controller to the Gallery.  You need to make the choice of which Artisan will own the workflow and schedule.  All screenshot are from 2019.3:









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I did all of that, as I said in my original post: "I check the box on a job I want to migrate. I select my account as the owner. (I am a Curator and have given myself permission all the Jobs permissions.)I click Migrate." It doesn't do anything. No errors, no action.


So far, no help here either.

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I saw this message last night and thought about it some.  I was wondering if you installed Alteryx Server to a non-standard location (not C:\Program Files).  That's the case here and I was able to fix a Gallery problem by granting permissions for the Ran As account to an Alteryx directory.  But I don't think that is the issue, for the workflows and schedules are stored in the MongoDB database.


I couldn't duplicate the error in 2019.3, which is the version we're on.  This version does, however, have some issues.  I reported a problem in which emails are not being sent by events in the workflows, even though the Email tool functions normally.  Support emailed and stated it is a defect in the current version.


Contact and they'll get back to you very quickly. 


Hope it works out.





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Thanks for your reply, and for your effort to consider this. Ours is installed to the default location. I will open a support case.


We tried upgrading to 2019.3, and rolled back to 2019.2.5 after less than one day due to a few problems with the US Geocoder and the CReW ListRunner macro not working. Seems like a buggy release.


Thanks again.


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We recently upgraded Alteryx Server to 2019.4 (we skipped 2019.3) and I am pleased to report that the migration of a job schedule now works!


However, I'm still not particularly happy with it. First, if you edit the schedule from inside the Admin UI, the modal dialog box that appears is too tall to fit in the browser window (using Chrome) in a 1080 screen, and there are no scroll bars, so it chops off the top and bottom of the dialog box, and if you have a browser message at the bottom, it covers the cancel and save buttons as well. Oddly, this same dialog looks completely different in the Gallery. I was able to resize it with Ctrl - minus, but that shrank the Admin UI screen as well, making it really tiny. And, clicking the "?" button in the upper-right corner of the dialog takes you to a 404 error.


Second, the job schedules are not visible in Gallery to anyone except the person that created them. Not even Curators! I found and voted for which addresses this.


Finally, the only way to go back is to delete the schedule and create it again in the old View Schedules dialog in Designer. At least it gives you a warning of this, but if you aren't aware of the other issues above, you could move a ton of stuff before you find out that you don't want it after all.


Seems like this feature was not very well thought through or tested. I can't recommend anyone use it till it gets some TLC.



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Found more problems with it this morning. Apparently, when I "migrated" the schedule, it duplicated the workflow in the Gallery, so there were two in the Gallery, one scheduled and one not. So, fed up, I deleted the new duplicate. That left the schedule behind, orphaned. I had to manually delete that too.


Do you have a QA department?


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Hi @blyons , I'm Tanya, the PM for the Alteryx Server product.
First, thank you for your dedication in digging into this issue. You were incredibly thorough, and that gives us a lot to work with.
Migration of schedules created from Designer not working was a known issue in 2019.2.5. It was addressed with DE20523 in version 2019.2.8. This can be seen in the release notes here:
I'm sorry that the rollback took you to a version in which this hadn't been fixed, but we did address it as soon as it was found.
With regard to the UI issues you're experiencing in the Admin schedule view, and I know this isn't an answer you want to hear, but have you tried doing a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5)? Clearing the cache after an upgrade is a best practice with Server as there is some strange caching behavior. We've started addressing it, but it's not a small effort so the changes are incremental.
The broken help link (404 error) is caused by some of the changes being made to the help documentation. This is going to be listed as a known issue, and it is planned to be addressed. You'll be able to find this in the release notes tagged as DE22805.
Shared schedules can be enabled to allow users in the same subscription to see and edit schedules. This is visible through the user view. Visit this page to learn how to enable this:
We do not support moving schedules from Gallery to Designer. This was part of the intended design as recurring analytic runs are encouraged to be moved to the Server, making Server a source of truth for the organization. If you are interested in this functionality and it would benefit your organization, I'd love for you to leave an idea on the idea board.
And finally, we've done some testing and are unable to reproduce what you're experiencing with the workflow duplication. This is something that I would recommend you raise to support because this is not expected behavior. Given the rollbacks and upgrades you described, this could have impacted your database schema.

Thanks again,

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We recently upgraded to 2020.2, and had an opportunity to try this again. It looks like the feature has matured significantly, and we are now migrating all of our schedules into the Gallery. I appreciate the improvements.