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We will be upgrading the Gallery to our 2019.4 release this Saturday, December 7th beginning at 9:00am MT. We expect the outage to take last approx. 2.5 hours.

Migrating scheduler job to gallery does nothing


I have been experimenting with scheduling jobs via the Gallery. Up until now, we have done it exclusively via View Schedules in Designer. The Gallery scheduling looks nice, and I see in the Gallery Admin Jobs screen, that there is a Migrate tab.


I check the box on a job I want to migrate. I select my account as the owner. (I am a Curator and have given myself permission all the Jobs permissions.) I click Migrate. I see the row go grey and see a spinner for a few seconds, then it goes back to normal with no change. The desired job does not appear in the Scheduled Workflows. I get no error, but it just doesn't work.


I have looked in the Gallery logs, and see references to migration, but no error messages.


Any direction or ideas would be appreciated.

The migration feature I believe you are referring to is used for moving workflows between different Alteryx Servers:

Here is an article on scheduling workflows via gallery:


The Migrate button will in fact transfer jobs scheduled on the controller to the Gallery.  You need to make the choice of which Artisan will own the workflow and schedule.  All screenshot are from 2019.3:










I did all of that, as I said in my original post: "I check the box on a job I want to migrate. I select my account as the owner. (I am a Curator and have given myself permission all the Jobs permissions.)I click Migrate." It doesn't do anything. No errors, no action.


So far, no help here either.


I saw this message last night and thought about it some.  I was wondering if you installed Alteryx Server to a non-standard location (not C:\Program Files).  That's the case here and I was able to fix a Gallery problem by granting permissions for the Ran As account to an Alteryx directory.  But I don't think that is the issue, for the workflows and schedules are stored in the MongoDB database.


I couldn't duplicate the error in 2019.3, which is the version we're on.  This version does, however, have some issues.  I reported a problem in which emails are not being sent by events in the workflows, even though the Email tool functions normally.  Support emailed and stated it is a defect in the current version.


Contact and they'll get back to you very quickly. 


Hope it works out.






Thanks for your reply, and for your effort to consider this. Ours is installed to the default location. I will open a support case.


We tried upgrading to 2019.3, and rolled back to 2019.2.5 after less than one day due to a few problems with the US Geocoder and the CReW ListRunner macro not working. Seems like a buggy release.


Thanks again.